Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I should be sleeping...

on our brand new mattress, but I can't! My allergies are acting up and I can't fall asleep. I am waiting on my medicine to kick in so I can rest. *Backing up* We trudged through the mattress shopping and finally picked one we both like. Mike insisted that we buy one right away b/c of my back pain and restless sleep. I wanted to wait until we move out of this house someday (one less thing to haul, right?) but I'm glad he talked me into it. Natalie was such a trooper while we shopped around. We were the only people in the mattress store, so we let her run around. She LOVED it. She was shorter than most of the beds on display, but we could hear her jabbering as she ran. Unlike most stores, there was NOTHING she could get into. Definitely the best indoor playground for a one-year-old.

Mike's dad picked up our mattress today with his truck and helped us get it all set up. I cannot thank him enough!!! Anyone who has talked with me this past week has heard all about my excitement for this new bed.

Natalie came down with a fever Friday night. I took her to the pediatrician Saturday morning (God bless him for working on the weekends!) Her ears and throat looked great, so it was something viral. Our $15 copay is very much worth the peace of mind. (I would've been worried it was an infection otherwise) Her fever got worse (103.7 on Saturday night) but is just about gone now.

Jenn, I'm so glad Charlotte's surgery went well!! I am loving the new pictures you put up on her site. She's still as beautiful as can be!

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