Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Doctor Visit

Natalie had her 15 month checkup with her pediatrician today. We discussed some of her allergies that have presented in the past month, her cold last week, and other milestones & developments. She burped loudly as he was examining her, then laughed at herself! She got two shots today, and Natalie didn't even whimper!! That nurse did a great job with her. Doc said she's doing just great, and doesn't need to see her again until she's 2 years old. Her stats:
Weight: 21 lbs 6oz
Length: 31.25 inches

I was fixing us lunch today when I heard this terrible banging noise! I looked over and Natalie had my wire whisk (she had taken it out of the drawer) and was banging it up against the dishwasher door! About five minutes later, I found her underneath her highchair with her paci in her mouth (she had gotten it off the kitchen table) and teddy bear in her hands...just sitting there.

Later tonight, Mike had her laughing when he started "buzzzzing"like a bee. She tries to mock him by making a "mmm" sound.

Another milestone: She is now standing up without needing something to pull up on.

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