Monday, July 23, 2007


announcements, aNNOUNcements! Shhh! (am I the only one who used to sing that song?)

I want to share a big congratulations to my brother Doug and sister-in-law Maggie They are due 12/23/07 with their first baby. They found out last week that they are having a BOY! We are very happy for you and can't wait to meet him! How exciting to have another baby in the family! You are about to receive one of God's greatest blessings. It is humbling to know that He is entrusting you with the life of Chase. He is God's gift to you. Amazing love.

I am counting down the days until Cory comes home. He will be flying in on Thursday afternoon. The parental unit is picking him up, then Natalie and I, and heading back to JC. We'll be there for 6 days, which (I think) is the longest time I'll be away from Mike since we've been married. I am looking forward to spending some time with old friends while home, and most of all, family. I have a feeling that "Grandma" and "Grandpa" can't wait to get their hands on Natalie.

Speaking of Natalie, (when do we not?) she has gotten herself into a little bad habit of waking up around 7AM every morning lately. Which is not a terrible hour, but considering she is my consistant 9pm-9am baby, it has thrown me for a loop! This morning, she decided to go back to sleep after she filled her tummy with milk. So I laid back down as well, only for the doorbell to ring (followed by the vicious-sounds of Cole barking) Apparently, the city employees for the forestry dept. start their day early to cut down trees. Specifically, one right in front of our house.

As if I wasn't surprised enough that Natalie slept through Cole's barking, she also slept through sounds of chainsaws, trees falling near our house, neighbor dogs barking close to her window, and the (active) woodchipper parked in front of our house. All at the hour of 7:15AM. I think all of our neighbors were ticked, well, atleast the ones that had to stumble out into the daylight (in their pajamas) to move their cars. After all the excitement I try to go back to sleep. Just as I was dozing off, Natalie wakes up for the day. All of this before 8AM. To think someone just asked me if being a stay-at-home-mom got boring! HA!

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Anonymous said...

Sarah, Mike & Natalie,
Just wanted you to know we have bookmarked your site, and we look at it all the time. Natalie looks pretty comfortable in her raft. Don't know if you read our site recently about Charlotte NOT having eye surgery...I just don't know about that girl sometimes :) Hopefully we will be able to reschedule soon. Anyway, continue enjoying the summer. Hope Natalie is doing well. Walking yet?? :)